Stainless Steel investment casting parts

Our factory supply OEM service(custom casting) in precision investment casting, which are also called lost wax casting, We have been committed to this technique for over 10 years . Our specialized engineer  can provide you the full-service of technology advice and products improving projection,and also reduce the cost of the parts.


Mechanical Components/parts     Boat parts and Marine hardware

Construction hardware                    Auto parts and accessories

Medical Instrument parts               pump & valve parts and accessories

Impellers and propellers(propellors)

Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories

Other industry metal casting parts

investment casting manufacturers

With major nvestment casting and precision casting business,we are a investment foundry in north China, and provide all material based


Precision Casting: Max  weight of single investment casting part is 500KG;

Sand Casting: Max weight of single sand casting part is 5000KG;

Centrifugal Casting: Ball(Dmax :800mm)  Sleeve(Dmax:520mm)

Investment casting

(lost wax casting)


Stainless steel casting

Alloy steel casting

Carbon steel casting

Bronze and Brass casting

Aluminum casting

Machining Drilling, Reaming and tapping

CNC Turning machining

CNC Milling machining

Wire EDM

Heat treatment Annealing





Induction hardening

Hardening and tempering

Surface treatment Manual polishing



Power coating



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