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Nickel-based alloy precisin investment Castings are known for their properties of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. and they are widely used in many hard enviorenment

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    Precision investment casting for special Nickel based alloy material

    Major Grades

    Ni 260Z/UNS N06040/CY-40/Alloy 600/In 600                              Ni 262Z/UNS N26625/CW-6MC/Alloy625/In 625

    Ni 278Z/UNS N07718/Alloy 718/In 718                                               Ni 274Z/UNS N26455/CW-2M/2.4610 NiMo 16Cr16Ti

    UNS N10276/CW-6M/Alloy C276/HC276                                            Ni 274Z/UNS N26455/CW-2M/HC4

    Ni 240Z/UNS N04400/M35-1                                                                Ni 250Z/UNS N05500/Alloy K500

    Precision Investment Casting In Different Materials

    iron investment casting

    Nickel basee precisiton investment casting widedly used in many industry

    nickel casting part

    Nickel-based alloy Castings are known for their properties of high-temperature resistance

    Precision Investment Casting Progress

    Nickel based Alloy precision investment casting parts are often used in special industry for high-temperature or corrosion operating environments, such as Aerospace, Marine, and Chemical industries. here is the process of casting.

    precision casting progress

    Precision investment casting for nickel based parts

    iron based casting parts
    Precision investment casting for nickel based parts
    investment casting manufacturers
    Precision investment casting for nickel based parts
    iron investment casting
    Precision investment casting for nickel based parts
    nickel casting part
    Precision investment casting for nickel based parts

    Factory pictures

    Metal Grade Application Reference Standard Chemical Composition(Weight%)
    C Si Cr Mo Mn Fe Cu Ti Ai Ni
    NI200 Used  in  sea  water, lye,  hydrofluoric acid and other corrosion liquid. ASTM A494 CZ100 1 2 1.5 3 1.25 Bal
    NI202 Glass   mould,   plunger   chip,   plug,control ring, etc. Dameron 40 0.15 3.3 B2.3 Bal
    NI205 Chemical  industrial  pump  and valve, sulphuric acid valve, mixed acid valve,and oxygen valve. ASTM A494 N-12MV 0.12 1 16.5 17 1 6.5 W4 V0.3 Bal
    N1206 Used   in   hydrochloric  and  gaseous hydrogen  chloride-resistant  parts  of pump and valve for chemical industry. ASTM  A494 0.12 1 1 28 1 5 V0.4 Bal
    NI207N Dental Material 1.2 25 11 Bal
    NI219 Dental Material NIBe19 Ingot 12.7 9 Be2 0.4 2 Bal
    NI222 Mixed  acid,  sulphuric  acid,  chloride and acetic acid ASTM A494 CX2MW 0.5 22 13 0.7 4 Bal
    NI230 Used in chemical pump and valve, sea water, hydrofluoric acid, lye, sulphuric acid. ASTM  A494 0.3 1.5 1.5 3.5 30 Nb2 Bal
    NI235 Same as M-30C ASTM A494 M-35-2 0.35 2 1.5 3.5 30 NbO.5 Bal
    NI240 Used  in  sea  water,  sulphuric  acid, hydrofluoric   acid,   lye  and   Oxygen  valve. ASTM A494 M-35-1 0.35 1.25 1.5 3.5 29.5 Nb0.5 Bal
    NI255 For impeller in food industry ASTM A494 CY5SnBiM 0.05 0.5 12.5 3 1.5 1.7 Bi4 Sn4 Bal
    NI260 Used in heat exchange pipe, valve and inner parts of ammonia compounding column, oxygen valve and etc. ASTM A494 CY40 0.4 3 15.5 1.5 11 Bal

    investment casting manufacturers


    investment casting manufacturers

    Precision Investment Casting Service

    Looking for an expert that can help you find precision investment casting solutions? Matson casting got your back! We make sure to use special on alloys casting during the process for your satisfaction. The finished parts by precision investment casting offers high reliability, high performance, and light in weight.

    Most of the products processed by Matson precision investment casting fully comply with ISO 9001. With these standards, we can achieve defect-free and high authenticity. During the process, we also used raw materials like cobalt-based, nickel-based materials . You can avail of the products at a good price. Send us your ideas and let us make them into reality.

    The method produces final parts that are dimensionally accurate and stable, durable functions, and close tolerances. Thus, this is heat-resistant, stronger, and high-quality. Vacuum-assisted die casting presenting these numerous benefits:

    • More complex, larger, and thinner castings are possible
    • Product strength and density are maximized
    • Outstanding surface quality is guaranteed
    • Less casting pressure is essential
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