Reliable Investment Brass Casting Manufacturer From China

Matson Casting based Investment Brass castings, Main appliance:

  • Pumps Housing and Impellers Casting
  • Valve Body and Parts Castings
  • Automotive Parts Casting and Assemble
  • Gas and oil Industries.
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    Why Matson is an Expert in investment for brass parts?

    Matson Casting is a professional investment casting  provider  in China.  Our services and finished product achieve world-class quality and reliability. We use wax lost process to provide the highest quality products. We deliver investment casting solutions to a broad range of industries with diverse applications including power tools, connector parts, medical, automotive, and so on. Be one of our satisfied clients!

    Investment Brass Castings for Pump Housing and Impellers

    investment casting copper

    Matson Investment Casting  is a method that produces precisely, defined, smooth, and textured-surfaced metal components.

    Brass casting pump house

    Our precision investment casting process guarantees that the finished products that we produce have a great surface treatment and good dimensional consistency with accurate measurements.

    Brass castings for pump housing

    Matson Casting can provide custum investment casting mould with your own design, sample, or drawing. We are here to help you from the beginning to the completion of your project.

    Investment Casting for copper parts

    copper parts

    Investment casting for copper pump parts

    investment casting for copper parts
    copper precision investment for valve
    investment casting for copper parts
    copper precision investment for valve
    investment casting for copper parts
    copper precision investment for valve
    investment casting manufacturers
    copper precision investment for valve

    Application Reference
    Chemical Composition  (Weight%)
    Al Fe Mn Si Ni Pb Sn Zn Cu
    Cu402 For  seawater and oxygen valve. ASTM B148
    9 4 1.2 4.5 Bal
    Cu403 Used in seawater ASTM B148
    10 1 Bal
    Cu408 For Oil pumps, gears, bushings, valves, etc. ASTM B61
    1 1.5 6 4 Bal
    Cu409 For   Regulating   ring   of   salty   valve   in   steam environment. ASTM B584
    1.5 1 0.15 25 2 5 2 Bal
    Cu410M For   marine   valves,   wear-resistant   heavy-duty bearings,     gears,     pump     plungers, elevator components GB/T 1176 ZCSn10Zn2/10-2 2 1.5 10 2 Bal
    Cu411 For  low  pressure  valve,  pipe  fittings,  petroleum pipe   fittings,   fire   fighting   accessories,   pinion gears, small pump parts ASTM B62
    1 5 5 5 Bal

    Matson investment casting for copper parts

    Are you having a hard time searching for an excellent investment casting for copper  provider in China? The search is over. You are in a right place! Matson Casting is an experienced investment casting  provider with rich history and professionalism in this field.

    Matson casting use zinc alloys, bronze and aluminum alloys to manufacture tiny to large run component identical castings for your production requirements. It is a durable method that allows the manufacturing of a large quantity of small to medium-size castings.

    As a professional die casting mold provider, we provide Copper Casting parts, include Copper Precision Casting pump parts, valve parts and many more. You can trust Matson Casting process for your project.

    Plus, we also offer custom casting serive according to your requirements and applications. Whether you`re a factory or a company that needs a investment casting services provider,Matson Casting is the perfect company (bronze foundry) for you.

    Brass Castings In Different Appliance:

    Brass castings find use in many industries, and brass components prove especially useful in household and construction applications due to the material’s natural corrosion resistance.

    In Matson Casting, we have the casting capabilities to create

    Brass connectors, switch gears, pump housing and impeller, valve body, sprinkler heads, flowmeter,  and more.

    Industries that rely on brass casting services





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