Precision Investment Casting Foundry
Custom Casting Solution Provider
Exporting quality investment casting to over 30 countries
  • custom casting

Professional Investment Casting Foundry and Manufacturer From China

  • Over 20 years experiences of investment casting
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate approved
  • Annual capacity 2000 Tons
  • CMM coordinate measuring inspection system
  • Ceramic core + lost-wax casting process
  • CNC machining facilities in house
  • 3D Printing  metal parts for prototyping service.

Investment Casting Company & Foundry Help to Expend Your Market

Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and machined parts,especially in OEM valve parts casting and OEM pump body and housing casting, Matson is a large-scale professional investment casting foundry with powerful machining capabilities with over 20 years experiences in China.

We are capable to produce products according to customers’ drawings or samples, we focus on below materials:

  • Carbon Steel Casting parts
  • Stainless Steel, like A216WCB, A216WCC, A352, 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Titanium Precision Casting
  • Colbalt based Steel Casting
  • Nickle based Material Casting
  • Brass Casting Parts and Bronze Casting




  • investment casting foundry

High Quality Investment Casting is One of The Key
to Support Your Projects

precision casting parts

Precision Casting for Automotive

investment casting manufacturers

Carbon Steel Investment Casting for Check Valves

investment casting manufacturers

Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Globe Valves

nickel based casting part

Nickel based Material Investment precision Casting for Valve

bronze foundry

Brass Investment Precision Casting for Pumps

steel investment casting

Calbaltbased  Investment Casting for valve

Matson -An Investment Casting Foundry
Your Trustworthy Partner in China

The “Win-Win” cooperation concept drives Maston to expand the core capacity from casting to casting+machining service.

As a professional investment casting foundry,matson also sets up different machining production lines to accelerate the efficiency of production.

With 20 years of experience in lost wax investment casting production, our engineers can provide you with the full-service of technology advice and products improving projection.

Casting always stays together with post machining or surface treatment. Maston has its machining workshop to provide full service and easy management.

Why Matson is Chosed by Global Great Customers
-Professional Investment Casting Foundry

High Quality
Over 20 Years Experiences of Investment Casting Foundry

Not only with over 20years experience of investment casting foundry , Matson also provides experienced service to our customers.

Professional Knowledge
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Approved

As a professional investment casting manufacturer, we provide all the products with ISO 9001 certificate approved.

Cutting Edge Technology
Annual Capacity 2000 Tons

Matson is constantly expanding our productivity by investing new facilities and advanced management system to serve more world-class brands.

One Stop Shop
CMM Coordinate Measuring Inspection System

Matson has a set of thorough inspection system with CMM coordinate measurement to provide customers high quality investment casting parts.

Efficient Communication
Ceramic Core + lost-Wax Casting Process

To make sure the tolerance of dimensions ,matson has brought ceramic core into Lost-wax investment casting and has successfully applied in many OEM orders of investment casting.

Our Faith
CNC Machining Facilities in House

Matson has over 60 CNC machines to cover the full spectrum of machining services including turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Both steel casting foundry and CNC machining factories enable us to supply precision casting parts with high annual capacity.

Investment Casting Foundry Tour

investment casting foundry

Quality Management System for Investment Casting

Inspection Department for Investment Casting
Inspection Department for Investment Casting

Thorough Inspection Control System

CMM Measurement Machine for Investment Casting
CMM Measurement Machine for Investment Casting

Accurate CMM Measurement Machine

Inspection Reports for Investment Casting

All of The Inspection Reports as per Your Needs

Send Your Requests


    Do you have any MOQ for OEM Investment Casting Order?

    We do not have MOQ for every order, we can manufacture

    What are your precision casting tolerances?

    ±.005 per linear inch. Angular tolerance is ±1/2 degree. Typical finish is 120 RMS.

    Is there an advantage to using investment casting for replacement parts?

    Yes, cast replacement parts made from higher tensile alloys cost less and last longer, reducing your downtime for lost parts.

    What materials are best for investment casting?

    Most metals that can be melted and poured can be used for investment casting. The most common metals are stainless steel, nickel-based steel, cobalt-based alloys, brass, bronze, and copper.

    Is investment casting expensive?

    Generally, investment casting has an extensive labor and cost associated with the wax molds, which cause higher costs than forged parts or sand casting.

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